High School and College Student Discount Program

Teachers and Educators can teach any of our programs to their students for a discounted rate

Teachers may take our free online training program and become instructors with our company in order to teach to their students as part of their curriculum. The fee per student is $29.95 each and includes a copy of the e-book, 2 certification wallet cards and an official certificate.  The program must be taught in school/college classes and are open to students of that institution only. The school may not teach this program to the public or any group outside of their institution.

Schools must own a dog CPR mannequin, a variety of dog and cat stuffed animals and a projector or TV monitor to display the PowerPoint presentation. Schools must also have a pet first aid kit to teach students about first aid supplies.  This can be purchased through our company or the school may purchase these items on their own.

Pet Emergency Education provides the school with a copy of the training PowerPoint, interactive e-book, printed customized CPR certification cards, an official certificate and a 2 year subscription to our online resource center to each student.

Policies and guidelines for our educator’s program will be provided once you sign up below:

Anyone teaching our program at your institution will be required to complete the free online instructor training.
I understand that your institution is required to have all of the necessary teaching equipment and supplies including an animal CPR mannequin, at least 3 additional stuffed animals or mannequins and a projector/Monitor to display the powerpoint.